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 Harp  Tenor  Oboe
 Violin  Flute  Trumpet
 Viola  Violin  Gospel Choir
 Cello  String Quartet  Organ


 String Quartet  Strolling Trio - Quintet  Sax con bassi audio
 Keyboard and vocals  5 elements Band  Violin and Cello Duo
 Violin, Viola e Cello Trio  Jazz Trio  Jazz Quartet (Singer, sax, bass and guitar)
 Fisarmonica  DJ  Stilt walkers, fire eaters and jugglers

Wedding Banquet - Entertainment

 Big Band horn  String Orchestra 20 items  String Quartet in 700's dresses
 Band for 60-70-80 years' music  Piano Player  Dancers: Tango, Classical, Caribbean, etc ...
 Caricaturist  Magician  Mime
 Children's Entertaining  DJ  Audio equipment - lights
 Furniture Rental  More…

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